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Metrosonus is the most comprehensive metronome software being offered on the internet!! Please don't leave here without downloading the fully functional trial version. You've got to see it and hear it to believe it.

Metrosonus has something for everybody.

Studio Owners

Metrosonus was created to fill the need for high quality metronome output for professional studios that use hard drive recording systems. No more will an engineer have to use a midi click or record an analog click track to get metronome output. Metrosonus wave files can be created in a fraction of the time needed to record a conventional analog track. Changes can be made to the Metrosonus Output file with the click of a button. Metrosonus rivals the flexibility of midi with the full digital sound quality of studio recorded rhythm tracks.

Musicians and Students

Metrosonus also takes advantage of the widespread availability of personal computers to provide an inexpensive source of rhythm tracks and visual queues for musicians and students.
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