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10 free runs are enabled when Metrosonus is loaded on a computer for the first time. When these are exhausted, additional runs will not be allowed until the authorization process has been successfully completed. So don't wait too long to register. Once the authorization has been completed the user will enjoy unrestricted use of Metrosonus on the drive where it is installed.

If Metrosonus is moved or installed on another hard drive (or hard drive partition), the authorization process must be repeated.

System Requirements:

  • PC only (at this time)
  • Win 98 or above (see Note)
  • 32 Meg of memory
  • Windows Enabled Sound Card (Optional but recommended)
  • Mouse
Note: Metrosonus has been tested with the commonly used Windows operating systems. The freetry system allows the user to verify Metrosonus on any desired operating system and computer before purchase.

Release 0203 added/upgraded features:

  • faster response to STOP/PLAY
  • Spacebar is now a hotkey for STOP/PLAY
  • Preset playlist capability
  • free offline editor for Playlist files (optional use)
  • wave file duration specifiable in measures as well as time

To download Metrosonus, select the program suitable for the target system. Click on:

  • Metro203NT2000XP for Windows NT, 2000 or XP
  • Metro203ME98 for Windows 98 or ME

Note: Some older operating systems may encounter sound buffer problems when running Metrosonus. If so, upgrading the DirectX (TM) files may correct the problem.

To download the Playlist Editor, click on PlaylistEditor and save to the desired folder. After unzipping the file, execute the exe file directly or setup a shortcut (icon is provided).

To download the Quick Reference (pdf format), click on MetroQuick and save to the desired folder.


Metro203NT2000XP Metro203ME98

Playlist Editor PlaylistEditor

Quick Reference

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