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Metrosonus, the recording musicians metronome!!


  • High quality sounds for playback and file creation
  • Metrosonus can create a wave file of its output. Just enter the desired time, (e.g. 5.75 min) and Metrosonus will create a sample accurate wave file (16 bit) in 44.1 or 48 KSPS (kilo samples per second), (mono or stereo).
  • Audio output can be directed to any wave output device suported by Windows.
  • Creation of 16 bit 44.1 KSPS stereo wave files will allow you to burn these files to a CD. You can then take a CD of your Metrosonus files anywhere there is a CD player, for practice or performance.
  • Voice Count - Pre-recorded number counts are provided as an alternative to rhythm sounds
  • Tempo between 30 and 240 beats per minute
  • Scaleable flashing lights for easy viewing (full flash mode)
  • There is a tap mode provided to aid the Metrosonus user in determining the beat from another source (e.g. song).
  • Presets are provided to allow the user to save and retrieve Metrosonus control settings.
  • Presets may be organized into Playlist files for easy playback. Playlist files maybe generated via any text editor or by using the provided Playlist Editor specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Intuitive layout that is easy to follow
  • Full manual (help file) built into the program
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