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Metrosonus will display the Run Authorization window until the software is fully registered and authorized. Go to the download page for information on the Metrosonus fully functional trial version.

Registration/Authorization Procedure

  1. Start Metrosonus and click the GET VER button. You will receive a Verification Code displayed in the Verification Code display. Copy the eight character, case sensitive Verification Code and save it for future reference.
  2. Go to ShareIt! and buy Metrosonus ( US Dollars). You can go directly to the Metrosonus page in ShareIt! by clicking on the following link ( or by going to the ShareIt! site and searching for program #162185.
  3. ShareIt! will require the entry of your Verification Code. Once the purchase is completed, ShareIt! will send the Key Code to the E-mail address you entered during the purchase process.
  4. Once you receive your emailed Key Code from ShareIt!, open Metrosonus and enter the Key Code in the Key Code box. Click on the Try Key button. (Remember, the Key Code is case sensitive.) Once the correct code is entered Metrosonus will be permanently activated for the hard drive (at the partition level) on which the program is installed.

Future runs will not require the authorization code once Authorization is successful. However, retain the code for future authorization on this hard drive.

Please contact ShareIt! if you are having problems registering Metrosonus Metronome, (assuming you purchased Metrosonus through ShareIt!). ShareIt! is equipped to handle most issues that might arise in this area. ShareIt! will contact Gladstone Records if an issue should come up that needs our input.

ShareIt! Customer Service Number: (800) 903-4152


This service is to be used if you experience a hard drive crash, are moving to a different computer system, or if you canít find your current install key. Reauthorization is only for the use of the registered user. Go to the Reauthorization page.

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